LUMSAIL: Your Customization Partner for Unforgettable Branding

At LUMSAIL, we understand the power of branding. That’s why our OEM solutions empower you to personalize your products and leave a lasting impression. Add your logo, customize boot logos, or even design a unique look that sets you apart. Let us help you create a product that showcases your brand and captivates your customers. Contact us now to unlock the potential of unforgettable branding with LUMSAIL.

Rebranding Purposes

See what you get if you choose to rebrand:

  • Significantly lower investment in development and maintenance
  • Enhance the impact of your private brand

Rebranding Options

What can we guarantee in the first place?

  • Custom product logo
  • Fully rebranded documentation
  • Fully hidden traces of the original manufacturer

For Distributor

We strongly support distributors around the world to distribute our products, and we also provide various brand customization services, from simply adding a logo, setting the boot screen inside the software, designing a distributor proprietary appearance so that it looks like a new product, and designing a brand new product by our engineers according to the distributor’s requirements and definition of the product. We also have the ability to customize the accessories with different specifications and standards proposed by the distributors in a very fast time.

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