SmartWave Shockwave Therapy Machine for Cellulite Elimination

The SMARTWAVE BS-SWT2X works by creating rapid pulsations on the skin’s surface while sending pressure waves to the deeper areas where cellulite is created. The vibrating pressure waves stretch stiff connective tissue fibers, restoring the skin’s natural elasticity. It also provides deep muscle relaxation.

SmartWave Shockwave Therapy Machine for Cellulite Elimination

Also called Acoustic Wave Therapy Equipment, be effective for cellulite stage 1 to 3, stretch mark, body reshaping and contouring, skin wrinkle removal and buttock lifting.

SmartWave BS-SWT2X, the ultimate multifunctional body treatment designed to help your clients reduce localized fat, improve sagging, and eliminate cellulite. This revolutionary acoustic wave therapy (another name of shockwave for aesthetics purposes) utilizes a single pulse of positive pressure, characterized by short duration, high intensity, and low frequency. When applied to the tissue, it generates microbubbles that implode, effectively damaging fat cells.

The mechanical effect of SmartWave BS-SWT2X goes beyond mere fat reduction. It stimulates lipolysis, breaking down fat within the fat cells, while also promoting the production of new collagen and elastin fibers. These actions, combined with the activation of the lymphatic system, enhance cell permeability, restore natural collagen and elastin production, and facilitate lymphatic drainage. By emptying adipocytes (fat cells), this treatment reorganizes the supporting tissues of the skin, particularly the dermis and adipose tissue. The result? Reduced subcutaneous volume and improved cellulite appearance.

smartwave cellulite treatment


With SmartWave Beauty Version, you can deliver powerful shock waves at an impressive rate of up to 22Hz per second, effectively targeting and eliminating cellulite. This treatment is not limited to the face but can be applied to various body parts, ensuring a comfortable and pain-free experience. Rest assured, SmartWave Beauty Version is a highly safe treatment that offers more than just cellulite reduction. It also addresses stretch marks (including pregnancy lines), sagging skin, and uneven scars, providing comprehensive solutions for your clients’ beauty needs.


SmartWave is suitable for treating the upper arms, abdomen, waist circumference, hips, thighs, and more. Please note that the upper arm and abdomen areas may experience some discomfort due to their slimness and fleshiness.


SmartWave is highly recommended for:

  1. Enhancing muscle smoothness and beauty.
  2. Eliminating stubborn cellulite.
  3. Tightening aging or sagging skin post-diet.
  4. Addressing concerns after liposuction.
  5. Accelerating the effects of other devices.
  6. Improving the appearance of stretch marks.
  7. Alleviating worries about scar irregularities.


  • During the treatment, clients will only experience gentle vibrations without any pain.
    • The treatment duration typically ranges from 5 to 15 minutes (depending on the site and symptoms).
    • There is no downtime or postoperative restrictions, allowing clients to resume their normal activities immediately.
    • For optimal results, we recommend a treatment interval of once every 1 to 2 weeks, with a total of 6 sessions per course.

SmartWave BS-SWT2X eswt machine

Choose SmartWave BS-SWT2X and provide your clients with a cutting-edge beauty treatment that delivers exceptional results. Unleash their true beauty potential and boost their confidence.

Vivid treatment guide and pre-set protocols, make the operation simple and accurate. Not only experienced operators can master the skills to operate the machine, it’s also easy to operate even for novices.

SmartWave Beauty Treatment Menu


SmartWave is useful when combined to use with other aesthetics treatments include (but not limit):

  1. Pre-treatment for surgical liposuction – it can enhance lipolysis result, make the PAL operation easier and high efficiency.
  2. Even double fat lipolysis result after cryolipolysis applied.
    1. Coolsculpting technology with smartwave, apply Smartwave therapy before cryolipolysis
    2. Apply Smartwave therapy after one session of Coolsculpting, it can speed up the lipolysis whole process a lot
  3. Lipomassager treatment can be applied immediately after acoustic wave therapy, to gain deep cellulite reduction.
  4. Laser lipolysis (non-invasive) can also benefit on the Smartwave treatments, it speeds up the lipolysis.

cryolipolysis with smartwave for fat removing


Energy levels 1 to 190 mJ, adjustable stepping at 10 mJ
Pulse frequencies 1 to 22 Hz
Burst modes 3 burst modes or continuous
Adapter diameter 35mm (15mm, 20mm, 6mm, 25mm for optional, more for ODM)
Built-in programs  10 pre-set protocols
Working Environment 10 – 28ºC 30~80%RH,500~1060hPa
Power Specification AC110V – 220V/50Hz – 60Hz, 16A



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