Nano Fat Transfer Set Fat Conversion Kit for Liposuction

Nano Fat Transfer Set Fat Conversion Kit for Liposuction

The whole series of products are equipped with (9 models) multifunctional filter blades suitable for different parts.
The blades are made with fine detail and the thinnest part can reach 0.05 microns.
The smallest filter membrane has reached 0.2 microns, which can filter saline swelling fluid and blood.
It meets the requirements of medical cosmetology and clinical fat production.

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1. Stainless steel of medical grade with no coating;
2. Inside and outside of stainless steel cannula produced with special processing, extremely smooth, preventing block during liposuction;
3. Different designs of tips apply to different parts for liposuction, professional and high efficient;
4. With CE certificate, and years of export experience to European Union; matches European standard of technical requirements and quality

Prices vary for different sets, please contact us  before purchasing.


Product Name:
25 in 1 Face liposuction facial fat transfer kit
Surgical Room
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Face Liposuction Kit Details:

  1. Vacuum pump: 1 pc
  2. Stopper: 6 pcs
  3. Convertor: 2pcs
  4. Fat breaker(Harvest): 1pc
  5. Handle: 1pc
  6. 5*100mm cannula: 1pc
  7. 5*120 mm cannula: 1pc
  8. 0*200 mm cannula: 2pcs
  9. 0*100 mm cannula: 1pc
  10. 0*300 mm cannula: 1pc
  11. 5*300 mm cannula: 2pcs
  12. 2*100 mm cannula: 1pc
  13. 0*150 mm cannula: 1pc
  14. 5*100 mm infusion cannula: 1pc
  15. 5*200 mm infusion cannula: 1pc
  16. 5*250 mm infusion cannula: 1pc
  17. Sterilization box: 1pc



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