Mini Home Use Body Fit Vibration Plate

The Mini Home Use Body Fit Vibration Plate is a versatile and compact exercise device that helps tone muscles, improve circulation, and promote overall fitness. With adjustable speed, resistance bands, and a remote control, it offers convenience and customization for effective workouts. Suitable for all fitness levels, this vibration plate enhances muscle engagement and achieves results in less time. Get the benefits of an hour in the gym in the comfort of your own home.

Mini Home Use Body Fit Vibration Plate

The Mini Home Use Body Fit Vibration Plate is a convenient and effective way to exercise your muscles and improve circulation without getting out of breath. By standing on the vibrating platform, the body’s natural reflexes are triggered, causing muscles to contract and stretch to maintain balance. This compact vibration plate can be used for various exercises and also functions as a massager to relieve muscle pain. With its user-friendly design and customizable settings, it offers a complete workout experience in the comfort of your own home.

Mini Home Use Body Fit Vibration Plate Features:

  1. Platform and Workout Trainer: Can be used as a step trainer or push-up top for sports training and weight loss acceleration.
  2. Targeted Muscle Toning: Tones abdominal muscles, thighs, buttocks, calves, and more.
  3. Remote Control & Resistance Bands: Includes a remote controller and two resistance bands for easy speed control and enhanced workout sessions.
  4. Compact and Portable: Lightweight design for easy storage and transportation.
  5. Adjustable Speed and Intensity: Offers 180 levels of speed range to suit different fitness levels.
  6. Triangular Vibration Type: Provides effective muscle stimulation and workout results.
  7. Durable and Safe: Made with a single motor and capable of supporting a maximum user weight of 330 lbs.

Mini Home Use Body Fit Vibration Plate Advantages:

  1. Suitable for all fitness levels: Can be used by anyone regardless of physical condition.
  2. Targets a higher percentage of muscles: Subconscious stretch reflexes engage a larger proportion of muscles compared to traditional training.
  3. Time-efficient workouts: Rapid action during vibration therapy allows for faster achievement of fitness goals.
  4. Enhances circulation and strengthens bones: Promotes blood circulation, reinforces bone tissue, and aids in lymph node drainage.
  5. Improves strength, flexibility, and stamina: Helps increase overall strength, speed, flexibility, and endurance.
  6. Convenient and versatile: Can be used for various exercises and functions as a massager for muscle pain relief.

Mini Home Use Body Fit Vibration Plate Application:

  1. Fitness and weight loss
  2. Muscle toning and strengthening
  3. Improved circulation and bone health
  4. Post-workout recovery and relaxation


Color: Black
Motor: Single motor
Power: 200W
Voltage: 110V/50Hz or 220V/60Hz
Amplitude: 1-12mm
Vibration Type: Triangular
Speed Range: 1-180levels
Dimension(inch): 19.7*11.8*4.7
Unit Weight(lbs): 20.9 lbs
Max User Weight: 330lbs



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