Medical Portable Ultrasound Bone Mineral Densitometer For Bone Density Testing

Ultrasound Bone Densitometer BS-HMDA3 Has Extensive Application. This Portable Model is the Best Choice for Hospital out going Examination, Hospital Wards, Mobile Inspection,Physical Examination Vehicle,Pharmaceutical factory, Pharmacy and Health Care Products Promotion.

BS-BMD-A3 Medical Portable Ultrasound Bone Mineral Densitometer For Bone Density Testing

The ultrasonic bone densitometer is an ultrasonic sound beam emitted by an ultrasonic probe. The sound beam penetrates the skin from the transmitting end of the probe and transmits along the axis of the bone to the receiving end of the other pole of the probe. The computer calculates its transmission in the bone. The ultrasonic speed of sound (S0S) was compared with the human group database to obtain the T value and Z value results, so as to obtain the relevant information of bone density through the physical characteristics of ultrasound.  It is for bone density testing

Advantages: The detection process is safe, non-invasive, non-radiation, and simple to operate, and is suitable for screening of bone mineral density in special groups such as pregnant women, children, and middle-aged and elderly people;

Low cost of use.

There are many product models and a wide range of applications, from primary medical institutions to large comprehensive medical institutions.

Disadvantages: The detection accuracy is lower than that of dual-energy X-rays.

Xuzhou Pinyuan is a professional manufacturer ofbone densitometry , with many product series, including dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry bone densitometer , ultrasound bone densitometer , bone age meter, etc.

Among them, ultrasonic bone densitometers are divided into portable ultrasonic bone densitometer, trolley ultrasonic bone densitometer, children’s ultrasonic bone densitometry, etc., which can fully meet the requirements of primary medical institutions to large medical institutions. , high-quality products and services have been well received by users.

Application: This portable model is the best choice for hospital outgoing examination, hospital wards, Mobile Inspection, Physical Examination VehiclePharmaceutical factory, Pharmacy and Health Care Products promotion.

Application Range:  Our Ultrasound Bone Densitometry always used for Maternal and Child Health Centers, Geriatric Hospital, Sanatorium, Rehabilitation Hospital, Bone Injury Hospital, Physical Examination Center, Health Center, Community Hospital, Pharmaceutical factory,   Pharmacy and Health Care Products Promotion.

The Department of the General Hospital, Such as

  • Pediatric Department,
  • Gynecology and Obstetrics Department,
  • Orthopedics Department,
  • Geriatrics Department,
  • Physical Examination Department,
  • Rehabilitation department
  • Physical Examination Department
  • Endocrinology Department

Bone Density testing results

Bone Density testing results will be in the form of two scores:

T score: This compares your bone density with a healthy, young adult of your gender. The score indicates if your bone density is normal, below normal, or at the levels that indicate osteoporosis.

Here’s what the T score means:

● -1 and above: Your bone density is normal

● -1 to -2.5: Your bone density is low, and it may lead to osteoporosis

● -2.5 and above: You have osteoporosis

Z score: This allows you to compare how much bone mass you have compared with other people of your age, gender, and size.

A Z score below -2.0 means that you have less bone mass than someone your age and that it could be caused by something other than aging.



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