LUMSAIL BS-YAG15 Long Pulse ND:YAG plus Alexandrite Laser

The long pulse laser can be used to treat deep-lying, superficial as well as red and blue vein irregularities. Long pulse laser is also well-suited for epilation in patients with darker skin types (1 to 6) and with fine hair as well as for general improvement of skin texture.


LUMSAIL BS-YAG15 Long Pulse ND:YAG plus Alexandrite Laser

The long pulse nd:YAG and Alexandrite laser can be used to widely used for beauty purpose as hair depilation, elimination of deep-lying, superficial as well as red and blue vein irregularities, as well as general improvement of skin texture, and vessle disorders.
Long pulsed nd yag laser and Alexandrite laser is less absorbed by melanin of skin and is innocuous for it. Low absorption allows this radiation to penetrate into skin as deep as 4mm and to reach hair bulbs at different depths practically regardless of skin’s complexion.
Laser pulse width of BS-YAG15 can be adjusted by physician to match termal relaxation time of the selected vessel, allowing the laser radiation to heat the target long enough to produce significant termodamage, but short enough to prevent heat dissipation to the surrounding tissue.
The variable-long-pulse alexandrite laser proved effective in field reduction of superficial pigmented lesions if perilesional erythema and near-immediate pigment darkening were achieved, such as solar lentigines kinds of sun damaged skin. The majority of patients expressed satisfaction.


  • Long pulse 1064nm and 755nm wavelength for dark skin depilation treatment
  • Touch cooling treatment head on applicator, make treatment confortable
  • Laser hair removal for all skin types from TYPE I to V, including tanned skin
  • Spot size can be adjusted from 6mm to 18mm to meet with different applications
  • The energy density can be calculated automatically when spot size is adjusted
  • High pulse width and high frequency to ensure effective hair removal
  • Fiber output to facilitate operation, and fiber is installed and can be hidden when shipping
  • Easy to switch between dual wavelength during operation


Laser Type Long Pulse Nd:YAG Laser + Alexandrite Laser
Wavelength Nd:YAG Laser:1064 nm
Alexandrite Laser: 755nm
Max Energy To Tissue 1064nm: 100J / pulse
755nm: 60J / pulse
Beam Delivery 1mm diameter with 2200mm length
Average Output Power 1064nm: 100Watts
755nm: 30Watts
Pulse Duration 0 – 100 ms
Spot Size 6 – 18 mm
Aiming Beam Red Diode Laser or Green Diode Laser
Cooling Self-contained Water-Air cooling
Environment Condition 15 – 27 C Degrees
Calibration Internal Calibration Port
Repetition Rate 1 – 50 Hz
Power AC 220V/9A, 50/60Hz
Weight 68Kg



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