LUMSAIL BS-WL1 Handheld Woods Lamp UV Magnifying Lamp

LUMSAIL BS-WL1 Handheld Woods Lamp UV Magnifying Lamp is a portable diagnostic tool for skin analysis. Using UV light and a magnifying lens, it helps detect various skin conditions. Suitable for medical, esthetic, law enforcement, and veterinary applications.

LUMSAIL BS-WL1 Handheld Woods Lamp UV Magnifying Lamp

The LUMSAIL BS-WL1 Handheld Woods Lamp UV Magnifying Lamp is a diagnostic tool used to examine and diagnose various skin conditions. It utilizes UV light and a magnifying lens to observe fluoresce of the skin, revealing dry or oily areas and layers of dead skin that are not visible to the naked eye. This portable lamp is suitable for use in dermatology, skin care, law enforcement, veterinary care, and more.

BS-WL1 Handheld Woods Lamp Features:

  1. 4 fluorescent bulbs with highly filtered UV lights
  2. Highly transparent window for easy skin observation
  3. Magnifier lens for checking skin disorders
  4. Black mask for clear observation

BS-WL1 Handheld Woods Lamp Advantages:

  1. Portable and handheld for convenient use
  2. Helps diagnose skin conditions and abnormalities
  3. Provides a detailed analysis of the skin’s surface
  4. Useful in various fields, including medical, esthetics, law enforcement, and veterinary care

BS-WL1 Handheld Woods Lamp Applications:

  1. Medical field: Diagnosing fungal, bacterial infections, and parasites
  2. Esthetic field: Skin analysis and chemical peels
  3. Law enforcement: Detecting stains and traces of bodily fluids
  4. Veterinary care: Identifying fungal infections and parasites in animals
  5. Daycare and schools: Detecting lice, scabies, and ringworm for early intervention


Model Number BS-WL1
Certificate CE
Spectrum highly filtered UV light
Function wood lamp portable/ wood lamp skin test
Bulbs 4 fluorescent bulbs
Lens of observation window 2X
Power request AC220V, 50Hz ±10% (AC110V for customization)



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