LUMSAIL BS-EMT8 4 Handpieces HI-EMT Machine with Air cooling

LUMSAIL BS-EMT8 HI-EMT Machine with Air cooling offers simultaneous fat loss and muscle gain. With advanced technology and convenient features, achieve a toned and defined body without exercise. Ideal for salons, spas, and clinics.

LUMSAIL BS-EMT8 4 Handpieces HI-EMT Machine with Air cooling

The LUMSAIL BS-EMT8 HI-EMT Machine with Air cooling is a state-of-the-art device designed to help both women and men achieve simultaneous fat loss and muscle gain in multiple body areas. This machine utilizes high-intensity focused electromagnetic energy to target fat layers and muscles, triggering powerful involuntary muscle contractions. The result is improved muscle tone and reduced fat, leading to a firmer and more defined appearance in the abdomen, buttocks, thighs, calves, biceps, and triceps.

BS-EMT8 HI-EMT Machine Features:

  1. Built-in air-cooling system for continuous operation
  2. Four handpieces for simultaneous treatment with varying intensity
  3. Additional Pelvic Floor Muscles Handpiece for specialized training and healthcare
  4. Start/Pause button on handpieces for convenient operation
  5. Long lifespan of plug-in type handpieces
  6. Dynamic temperature monitoring and fault self-checking
  7. Wide range of working frequency and voltage compatibility
  8. Recharging system for usage control and management
  9. LCD touch screen with auto and manual working modes

BS-EMT8 HI-EMT Machine Advantages:

  1. Pain-free and non-surgical treatment
  2. Supramaximal magnetic energy for deep muscle remodeling
  3. Stronger stimulation with double-layer coil
  4. High efficacy with one session equaling 30000 sit-ups

BS-EMT8 HI-EMT Machine Applications:

  1. Muscle building without exercise
  2. Targeted areas: biceps, triceps, abdomen, buttocks, calves, outer thigh, inner thigh, quadriceps, hamstrings


  • Input Power: 1000VA
  • Output Power: 0-9 Tesla (+/- 20%)
  • Screen: 2 inches LCD touchscreen
  • Display Languages: English, Spanish, Japanese, Italian, French, German, Arabic, Greek, Turkish, Czech, Chinese
  • Pulse Width: 360 µs
  • Working Mode: Auto, Manual
  • Working Time: 1-30 minutes
  • Working Intensity: 1%-100%
  • Working Frequency: F1 (1-80Hz), F2 (1-120Hz), F3 (1-50Hz)
  • Voltage: 100 – 240 V (wide range)



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