Lumsail BS-CPW1 Convective Patient Warming System with Blankets

BS-CPW1 Patient Warmer System includes a microprocessor-controlled patient warming machine and a full range of Cocoon Warming Blankets to suit various applications in patient’s care for maintaining patient temperature (normothermia). The micro-pores of the blankets give a constant airflow, thereby providing a uniform distribution of warm filtered air across the patient.


Lumsail BS-CPW1 Convective Patient Warming System with Blankets

The physiological response of the organism to general and regional anesthesia is such that virtually every patient in this state is at risk for unexpected hypothermia. Complications of perioperative hypothermia include increased need for hematomas and blood transfusions, infections in the surgical field, slowed drug metabolism, increased recovery period, shivering and thermal discomfort.

The heating system of the BS-CPW1 maintains the necessary body temperature, improves the efficiency of treatment and reduces the frequency of complications caused by inadvertent hypothermia.

Active contact heating with air is a safe, easy and economical way to prevent accidental hypothermia.


  • Intra operative disturbance in coagulations.
  • Raises post operative oxygen consumption due to shivering.
  • Cardiac Morbidity.
  • Wound Infection.
  • Prolonged hospital stay.


  • Upper body blankets:
  • During abdominal surgery and lower limb surgery.
  • Covered area is 0.54sqm. Or 15% to 20% of body surface.
  • Lower body blankets:
  • During upper limb surgery and chest surgery.
  • Covered area is 0.35sqm.
  • Access blankets for specialized surgeries.
  • Full body blankets:
  • General purpose.
  • Paediatric blankets:
  • Used in neonatal and paediatric patients.


 Features of Lumsail BS-CPW1 Convective Patient Warming System with Blankets:

  • Six-grades of temperature output with high -accuracy ,optional temperature setting .Pre-heating time only takes 15-20s(temperature set on 46℃ for rapidly heated, then lower to 43℃ automatically after 10 minutes ).
  • Double Protection and safer.
  • Detachable and washable soft tube cover.
  • Machine with hanger to be fixed on the cart ,stand ,infusion support and hospital bed fence.


  • Filter Type:2μm HEPA
  • Rated Input: 110V/220V
  • Power: 1100W MAX
  • Fuse: 3MPT
  • Life Time: 20000 Hours
  • Dimensions: 29cm×22cm×40cm
  • Weight: 6.75 kgs



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