Four Color LED Bio Light Therapy Machine BS-LED3F

Discover the BS-LED3F Four Color LED Bio Light Therapy Machine. Safe and effective for various skin concerns. Enhances skin texture, reduces wrinkles, and treats acne. Suitable for all skin types. Easy to use. Elevate your skincare routine.

Four Color LED Bio Light Therapy Machine BS-LED3F

Experience the Four Color LED Bio Light Therapy Machine BS-LED3F, an innovative phototherapy system that utilizes the latest LED technology and versatile functions. This equipment offers four types of light in specific spectrums, targeting various treatments such as wrinkle reduction, improving skin complexion, reducing stretch marks, treating acne, addressing hair loss, and performing PDT treatment. The LED light phototherapy is a gentle and safe treatment suitable for the face, neck, chest, back, and more. By transferring light energy to stimulate cell growth and blood circulation, it helps in collagen production, enhancing skin elasticity, and rejuvenating aging or acne-prone skin.

Four Color LED Bio Light Therapy Machine BS-LED3F Features:

  • 100% safe treatment without heat generation
  • Non-touch treatment for safety and reliability
  • Short treatment time of 99 minutes
  • No side effects, painless, and suitable for all skin types
  • Low investment cost, easy maintenance, and long equipment lifespan
  • User-friendly operation without professional skills required

Four Color LED Bio Light Therapy Machine BS-LED3F Advantages:

  • PDT technology ensures safe treatment without skin burns
  • Stimulates cell growth and blood circulation through light energy conversion
  • Promotes collagen production for improved skin elasticity and anti-aging effects
  • Effective in treating aging skin, acne, pigmentation issues, and burn scars

Four Color LED Bio Light Therapy Machine BS-LED3F Application:

  • Wrinkle reduction
  • Skin complexion improvement
  • Stretch mark reduction
  • Acne treatment
  • Hair loss treatment
  • PDT treatment


  • Light Source: LED Diode Light
  • Diode Amount: 1800 pieces
  • Panel Amount: 10 pcs
  • Color: RED; BLUE; AMBER
  • Wavelength: 630nm; 465nm; 590nm
  • Intensity of light: 58mJ/cm^2; 65mJ/cm^2; 62mJ/cm^2
  • Flashing Frequency: 1 – 3 Hz
  • LED Panel Wheeling Angel: 45 – 135 Degrees Adjustable
  • Control Panel: LCD Touch Screen
  • Timer: 1 – 99 Minutes
  • LED Panel Height: Adjustable By Hand-held Controller
  • Power Consumption: < 180 Watts
  • Power Specification: AC220V/50Hz
  • Cooling System: Air cooling system
  • Weight: 33Kg



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