Equine Use Veterinary Shockwave Therapy Equipment Smartwave BS-SWT2X

Equine radial shockwave provides a highly effective treatment for orthopedic and soft tissue injuries in equine sports medicine.

  • Premier treatment for suspensory injuries and ‘kissing spines’
  • Rapid pain relief and stimulation of cellular regeneration
  • Five probe options enable varied treatment option
  • Acoustic wave 100x higher energy than ultrasound imaging
  • Achieves ‘bundled wave’ penetration of up to 6 cm
  • Handpiece supports over 2 million shockwave ‘shots’


Equine Use Veterinary Shockwave Therapy Equipment Smartwave BS-SWT2X

Smart-Wave BS-SWT2X model creating a low intensity primary wave as it impacts on the applicator. A parabolic reflector then creates a secondary wave. These ‘bundled’ waves are directed through an applicator held against the skin, moving through the tissue towards a defined point at a penetration depth of up to 6 cm. This stimulates a cellular response, with improved blood supply and increased cell proliferation leading to regeneration of tendon, ligament and bone tissue. The exact mechanisms for this biological response are not yet fully known.


Shockwaves are triggered using a foot pedal, ensuring targeted treatment and allowing the clinician to concentrate on hand positioning for the treatment.


Transmitters of varying sizes and shapes can be quickly changed out without the use of tools, allowing treatments to be adjusted as needed.


An aluminum transport case containing all equipment and accessories offers mobility and convenience for treatment any time and anywhere.

2 Million Shots Warranty

A powerful, mechanical energy generator with high percussion, digital control, and low  mechanical wear provides for an extended lifetime of reliability and performance. We guarantee our hand piece for 2 million pulses.

Features of Equine Use Veterinary Shockwave Therapy Equipment Smartwave BS-SWT2X:

  • A high value investment for the clinic or training yard
  • Leading technology for treating and managing performance horses
  • Treat and rehabilitate multiple conditions with a single device
  • Versatile treatment options address varied conditions
  • Reduces sport horse time out through effective injury management
Equine shockwave therapy safely and effectively addresses a range of musculoskeletal injuries and conditions.

Stimulates new bone growth and fracture repair, and cartilage production in joints.

Wound healing

Improved blood supply and cellular stimulation leads to tissue regeneration and rapid healing.

Tendons and ligaments

Prompts release of healing and growth factors, with improved collagen production.


Nerve fiber stimulation blocks an increase in pain stimuli and leads to pain reduction (gate control theory).

Indications of Equine Use Veterinary Shockwave Therapy Equipment Smartwave BS-SWT2X


    • Muscle strains and microtears
    • Muscle spasm
    • Exercise-induced inflammation
    • Reduced recovery times


    • Fracture treatment
    • Degenerative joint disease
    • Stress fractures
    • Spinous process impingement


    • Spinous process surgery
    • Sacroiliac ligament lesions
    • Tendon and ligament injury
    • Ligament desmotomy


    • Proximal suspensory ligament
    • Dorsal metacarpal disease
      (sore/bucked shins)
    • Tendinitis
    • Bursitis


    • Ringbone
    • Navicular syndrome
    • Pedal osteitis
    • Sesamoiditis


  • Technology: Compressor free ballistic radial shockwave therapy-system with electromagnetic generator as projectile accelerator
  •  Therapeutic Penetration Depth: 30-45mm
  • Shockwave Type: ESWT (Extracorporal Shock Wave Therapy)
  • Power Levels / Energy: High energy from 10mJ (0.25 Bar) to 190mJ (5.0 Bar) and, stepping at 10mJ adjustable, for versatile applications.
  • Frequency: 1-22 Hz, Stepping by 1Hz
  • Modes: 4 Burst modes (continuous / 4 / 8 / 12 pulses)
  • Programs: 10 professional preset protocols for animals
  • Controls: Color touch-screen with two quick rotary knobs for energy and frequency
  • Applicators: 5 pieces for different applications



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