Centrifuge BS-CH500L with Stainless steel brackets

A centrifuge is used to separate particles suspended in a liquid according to particle size and density, viscosity of the medium, and rotor speed. Within a solution, gravitational force will cause particles of higher density than the solvent to sink, and those less dense than the solvent to float to the top.


Centrifuge BS-CH500L with Stainless steel brackets

A centrifuge is a device, generally driven by an electric motor, that puts an object, e.g., a rotor, in a rotational movement around a fixed axis. A centrifuge works by using the principle of sedimentation: Under the influence of gravitational force (g-force), substances separate according to their density.

Features of Centrifuge BS-CH16R:

  • Maintenance-free high-torque DC brushless motor with fast lifting speed, high precision and ultra-low noise.
  • Touch panel and LCD display, easy to read all parameters.
  • Even bigger operation space chamber compare to similar products on market.
  • RCF value can be calculated automatically.
  • Special damping structure to reduce vibration of the unit when working.
  • Electrical door interlock to control the door operation for safety guarantee; Door cannot be opened during working procedure.
  • Rich stainless steel brackets for choose.


Max Speed 5000RPM
Max RCF 4030*g
Max Capacity 16x15ml or 4x50ml (flexible for choose)
Timer 1 – 99 Minutes
Noise <65dB
Motor Sealed Off DC Motor
Net Weight 19Kg
Power Consumption 250W
Power AC220V 50Hz (or AC110V 60Hz)
Dimension 460 x 660 x 350mm
Gross Weight 35Kg



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