BS-VV-100 Vein Finder Viewer Transilluminator for Phlebotomy Hospital Clinic for Doctor Nurse Easy Use

This professional vein finder projects the course of the vessels onto the patient’s skin and facilitates venipuncture in patients with difficult vein conditions.

BS-VV-100 Vein Finder Viewer

Make vessels visible with the vein viewer

Venipuncture is performed constantly in everyday medical practice. Whether for IV fluids, blood draws, intravenous injections, or bloodletting, venipuncture is an important skill required in all medical specialties. However, venipuncture can be made more difficult by various factors, especially if the veins are deep, very thin or difficult or impossible to feel. In order to spare the patient incorrect punctures and the associated pain, a vein finder can be used here.

The Vein Viewer BS-VV-100 is a professional vein finder that works with infrared radiation . The course of the vessels can be recorded due to the different absorption of infrared radiation by hemoglobin and the surrounding tissue. The projector integrated in the device projects the veins onto the patient’s skin in real time. Even hidden veins can be punctured without any problems.

Depending on the patient’s skin type, you can choose between 7 different colors and an additional 6 different color combinations. The course of the veins is very clearly visible in every patient, regardless of skin color and skin texture.

Application examples from a satisfied customer from practice

These application images show the various application examples of the Vein Viewer BS-VV-100 in everyday practice. Due to the different modes of the vein finder, the representation of the course of the veins can be tailored to individual needs and circumstances.

With the inverse mode, the venous network can be displayed in color and clearly visible on the skin surface. Even veins that are not clearly visible to the naked eye, for example in the area of ​​the crook of the elbow, can be optimally displayed.

In normal mode , on the other hand, the surrounding tissue is displayed in color and the venous network stands out as a skin-colored pattern on the skin surface. Punctures for the purpose of taking blood can be carried out easily and without complications, especially in difficult vein conditions.

Extended display options with the inverse mode

Depending on how the vein network appears, it may make sense to use the inverse mode of the vein viewer. In this mode, unlike in normal mode, the surrounding tissue is not displayed in color, but only the course of the veins. Different colors and color combinations can also be selected in inverse mode, so that the display can be selected individually for the patient. This ensures optimal visibility and a perfect puncture result.

The Vein Viewer VV-100 is particularly suitable for the following patient groups:

  • Pediatric Patients
  • geriatric patients
  • obesity patients
  • Very hairy people
  • Patients receiving oncological care
  • people with dark skin
  • Patients who inject drugs

BS-VV-100 – an important tool in many specialties

The vein viewer BS-VV-100 can not only be used for classic venipunctures, e.g. B. when taking blood or infusion, but also for various examinations and treatments in angiology, intensive care medicine and surgery.

In angiology, the vein viewer is used, for example, as an aid in diagnostics and in the sclerotherapy of varicose veins and spider veins. With the BS-VV-100, even small veins can be identified and punctured accurately – e.g. B. to perform a foam sclerotherapy.
In intensive care medicine, patients often have to be treated in whom venipuncture is difficult due to shock or other circumstances. With the vein finder, the puncture is made much easier and the number of incorrect punctures is significantly reduced.

Even in surgery, the vein viewer is an important tool that can be used to determine the position of small veins. Knowing the course of these small veins can reduce the risk of subcutaneous bleeding from accidental transection of the vessels.

Simple setting thanks to the clear display

The BS-VV-100 can be operated particularly easily and intuitively thanks to the clear display and the 5-button system. All setting options are visible at a glance and you can switch between the individual menu items using the arrow keys. In addition to the color and the inverse mode, the size of the projection surface and the brightness of the projection can be adjusted as required.

Practical handling due to battery operation

In order to offer the user a high degree of freedom of movement, the vein viewer is used in battery mode. The battery integrated in the device is charged within a short time and offers a long service life. The battery level is shown in the upper right area of ​​the display. If the battery level is running low, you can see this at first glance.

The scope of delivery also includes a padded transport bag, in which the device can also be taken safely to home visits. The bag is also ideal when the Enmind VV-100 is used in rescue or emergency services.



Display DLP Display
Infrared wavelenght 850nm
Image resolution 856*480 pixel
Visible vein size ≥ 1mm
Penetration depth ≤ 8mm
Optimal imaging distance 15~25cm
Operating mode Basic mode, inverse mode, enhance mode
Image color Simple color and mixed color
Image size Large (L), Medium (M), Small (S)
Brightness High (H), Medium (M), Low (L)
Power supply Rechargeable lithium battery (3000mAh), DC 5V2A
Battery life 2 hours after fully charged




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