BS-TB4 24 pcs Tanning lamps Tanning Bed Solarium UV Tanning Machine

Indoor tanning beds use UV lamps to imitate the sun’s rays. The UV radiation works to turn your skin a darker shade. It increases melanin production, which means you’ll achieve the shade you want in a fraction of the time with the help of the ultraviolet radiation.


BS-TB4 24 pcs Tanning lamps Tanning Bed Solarium UV Tanning Machine

The BS-TB4 tanning bed has 24 tanning lamps in a comfortable, curved tunnel design that makes maximum use of reflected rays. If you are looking for a deep, rich tanning experience, the BS-TB4 will satisfy your tanning needs.

This 220-volt model supplies you with 2400 watts of tanning power in just 15 minutes.

The contour tunnel design ensures you of a comfortable tanning experience.

The BS-TB4 tanning bed with facials comes with 24 lamps total and features 12 highly efficient lamps that provide you with 50% bronzing power for a healthier tan.

The 110-volt tanning beds are designed for regular household electrical outlets. This means no extra cost for electricians and special wiring. Just take the beds home, plug into a regular wall outlet, and enjoy the relaxation of a warm soothing tanning experience in the privacy of your own home. Extruded aluminum construction provides titanic stability.

Working Principle

BS-TB series solarium tanning machine combines UVA and UVB to effectively reach the deep layers of the skin, promote the production and fixation of melanin, and stimulate the vitality of more cells while forming melanin in the deeper layers of the skin thus effectively achieve the perfect result of tanning.


  • Enjoyable: Music function
  • Effective: UVA & UVB
  • Comfortable: Full Cabin


  • Surround sound system —— supporting smart Bluetooth to play music.
  • Plasma fan —— ensuring effective ventilation and heat dissipation, greatly improving comfort.
  • Multi-applicable —— beauty salons, clubs, homes, spas, health centers, skin management centers, private villas, plastic surgery hospitals, etc.



Lamp quantity 24pcs (For more options, please contact us for details.)
Total Power 2400W
Voltage AC 220V or 110V
Control System Three-key control system
Product size 187*88*95cm
Net Weight 110 kgs


  • Tanning safely & easily
  • Strengthening muscles & bones
  • Enhancing physical immunity
  • Reducing weight
  • Anti-aging
  • Relieving fatigue
  • Brightening mood


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