BS-RF5000 Rf Skin Tightening Pain Relief Body Detox Face Lifting Slimming 448k Ret Cet Rf Machine

R.E.T (resistive electric transfer) is a method of energy transmission. The RET fat dissolving high-frequency instrument uses a high-frequency transmission method that is higher than the existing CET (such as hot lift) methods that generate heat on the surface of skin tissue, which can penetrate energy into deeper layers.


BS-RF5000 Rf Skin Tightening Pain Relief Body Detox Face Lifting Slimming 448k Ret Cet Rf Machine

According to relevant research shows that when the temperature is 36.5 ℃, the body vulnerable to a variety of symptoms, and when the temperature rises above its normal temperature 1 ℃, the function of the body will increase. The instrument is just the way by providing the basal body temperature and to bring more beautiful and healthy body.

CAP principle: with epidermal constant temperature, deep heating as the core technology, radio frequency to ensure comfortable not damaged skin, and then use CAP generate heat conduction effect, into deep skin, stimulate the body of the ion, charged colloid particles to produce fast moving or vibration, friction heat, at the same time have a molecular resonance technology, heating the dermis collagen tissue.

The heat energy when the skin collagen organization reaches 45 to 60 degrees Celsius, natural produce immediate contraction, stimulate secretion of more new collagen to fill the gap atrophy and loss of collagen, and rearrange, rebuild skin soft support, finally realizes the delicate skin, fill wrinkles, restore skin elasticity and gloss effect.

RES principle: high frequency instrument is projected onto the human body, the high frequency energy from deep heat generated in the dried Tangerine or orange peel skin layer, the breakup of the fat, to achieve weight loss weight loss apparatus. High frequency electrical energized flow to human tissue, because of its vibration amplitude is very small, so almost do not produce movement phenomenon, but also do not produce electric chemical reaction or electrical breakdown phenomenon.

If high frequency transmission to the human body, human tissue will be hot. At this time because of applying high frequency current to the body, when the current changes direction, the molecular composition of the organization will produce vibration phenomenon, and generate mutual friction and rotation motion, distortion and conflict, the molecule games from body heat, make human body tissue this heat is called endogenous heat.

1.large high frequency treatment head: For body fat melting
2.Medium high frequency treatment head: For Legs and arms fat melting
3.Trumpet high frequency treatment head: For face fat melting


The use of tecar therapy improves recovery and reduces pain. The body’s natural repair process will be accelerated and with tecar therapy machine, treatment of an injury can begin in the acute phase; reducing pain, swelling and speeding up recovery. In chronic conditions such as osteoarthritis, it can help in reducing pain for up to 3 months and improve function compared with just exercise . Many people suffer from chronic low back pain, Tecar therapy can help in the ongoing management of this condition by reducing pain and enabling strength work and improvements in posture to improve symptoms and quality of life.


Treatment area
weight loss,body skimming,Burn visceral fat..
7 inch Color touch screen

RET work handle with 3pcs electrode heads*1

CET work handle with 3pcs electrode heads*1
3 – r f g r e a s e working handle*1
Electrode plate*1
Protective baffle*3
 AC220V±10% 15A 50-60HZ, 110v±10% 25A50-60HZ
448KHz RF
Capacitive, Resistive Mode



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