BS-OT8 Oxygen Therapy Machine with Oxygen spray Mask LED phototherapy


BS-OT8 Oxygen Therapy Machine with Oxygen spray Mask LED phototherapy

The oxygen-powered skin-beautifying instrument adopts the world’s advanced PSA (pressure swing adsorption principle). When the power is turned on at room temperature, it can continuously separate high-concentration, dust-free and sterile medical pure oxygen from the air in an instant, and realize oxygen absorption at the same time , The three functions of oxygen injection and atomized oxygen spraying are integrated. Completely and thoroughly solve the problem of hypoxia in the body and skin. Oxygen injection treatment is mainly through oxygen injection tools, applying appropriate and limited pressure, using pure oxygen to inject the active ingredient products into the bottom of the skin, and then pushing through the pulse to deliver pure oxygen to deeper skin layers, effectively accelerating cells Metabolism restores a healthy, smooth, and radiant skin to a youthful state.
The multi-energy oxygen injection instrument also combines the regeneration of BIO living cells, which has a good effect on the deep cleansing of various types of skin, the repair of damaged skin, the regeneration of new cells, the disappearance of pigment spots, and the improvement of red blood streaks. Make your skin natural, firm, delicate and shiny without any modification, truly turn back the time and restore youthful beauty.



Red light can enhance the cells activity, promote cells metabolism, make skin excrete large number of collagen protein and fibre tissue to fill on their own; accelerate blood circulation, increase skin elasticity.Accelerate blood circulation, activate skin tissues, repair damaged skin, tendering skin and dispel crinkles, tighten pore, and proliferate collagen protein.

Blue light of 417nm wavelength acts on the skin surface ,react with caroline produced by propionibacterium ,kills propionibacterium directly ,does not damage any skin tissue,and solves the problem of acne muscle at root,For youthful bacteria,inhibit sebaceous glands,prevent wound infection,sedation and allergic skin is very helpful.

Yellow light uses wavelength of 1171nm LED and it makes Enhance blood circulation, activating cells, stimulate the cell excitability active role. Increasing the skin collagen fiber and elastic fibers avoiding the skin redness.

Green light 535nm wavelength,neutralizing ,balancing and stable ,can reduce skin oil secretion,balance the proportion of water and oil,effectively relieve mental tension ,dredge lymph and edema.

Purple light is a dual-frequency light of red light and blue light. It combines the efficacy of two kinds of light therapy, especially in the operation of acne and acne marks. It has a particularly good effect and repair effect.

Cleaming Handle:

Using the hydrodynamic circulation system, the ionized gene water directly enters the deepest layer of the pores, transports the nutrients in the water to the basal layer of the skin, and at the same time cleans the attachments on the inner wall of the pores comprehensively. Thoroughly clean the skin without making the pores enlarged, and at the same time it can replenish a lot of moisture to the skin, and it can supplement the moisture and basic nutrients needed by the cells. It is humanized with different densities of water sculpture mesh surfaces, suitable for For any skin type, it completely replaces the micro-sculpted dermabrasion, crystal sand dermabrasion, oxygen injection and hydration.

Water jet handle:

Using strong pressure oxygen, sterile saline (normal saline) and oxygen are sprayed out through a probe with a diameter of 5 microns at the same time, and water is quickly injected into the bottom of the skin.

Ultrasound handle:

It adopts sonic wave and medium wave to quickly introduce nutrients. Ultrasonic radio frequency can effectively penetrate the cell membrane to promote the division of collagen matrix and stains, so that high-efficiency nutrients can be quickly absorbed. Improve large pores and decompose skin oils,
How to use: When using the sonic energy head, you should apply the product and operate it in a circular motion.

RF eye and V-FACE:

Mainly acts on the molecules of the substance to be dispersed, helping them to penetrate smoothly and enter the skin’s internal charge of the same nature to repel each other. Therefore, applying a positive current to the nutritional molecules of the positive electrode can push the nutritional molecules into the skin tissue. At this time, the neutral The molecules also penetrate and enter the skin. Positioning the tissue to heat, promote the contraction and tightening of the subcutaneous collagen, relieve the wrinkles from becoming shallow or disappear, reshape the form of the subcutaneous collagen, produce new collagen, and the skin becomes firmer after one operation.

ICE handle:

With the alternating hot and cold of the outside temperature, the essence and curative effect of the product can be maximized to allow nutrients to quickly penetrate between the base and dermis of the skin. While decomposing and inhibiting melanin, it supplies a lot of water and nutrients to improve the elasticity of collagen fibers , The physical effect of alternating cold and hot temperature difference, to achieve hydration of ice therapy, deep water lock, ice therapy anti-allergy, remove red blood, enhance immunity, ice therapy catalysis, high absorption, ice therapy oil control, firm skin.


High-pressure oxygen injection to add moisture to the skin. Enhance absorption and accelerate diffusion when imported into skin care products. Improve microcirculation, inhibit facial varices, improve dry skin and skin aging lines. Can improve cell activity, improve and promote blood circulation, accelerate metabolism, and improve sensitive skin
Applicable people: Especially suitable for urban smokers, mature women with dull, sensitive skin, wrinkles, spots and acne.

Injection handle:

High-pressure oxygen and nutrient solution are sprayed out through the oxygen injection gun, which quickly injects nutrients and oxygen into the skin to make the skin moisturized and vigorous.
Use: Mainly essence (Y50 essence, anti-allergic repair essence, L-VC essence, eye essence, facial essence, neck essence), inject into the skin dermis Choose the right essence for different skins. Dry skin can achieve the effect of moisturizing and whitening, and oily skin can achieve the effect of shrinking pores and controlling oil and refreshing.

Aerobic mask:

With non-woven fabric mask as the main combination, the skin can fully breathe and absorb oxygen, so that the effective ingredients can be fully absorbed.
How to use: Choose different essential oils and oxygen inhalation (use a mask, straw to do it) and apply SPA oxygen inhalation care.

Skin detection:

Examining the complexion of wrinkles, spots pores, texture, porphyrins, UV spots, pigmentation, acne moisture and skin age. There are 12 dermal and epidermal skin problems including spots, pores,moisture, texture, and wrinkles.

Plasma handle:

Based on the black technology in the beauty industry-the Plasma technology, plasma skin activation apparatus can kill the pathogenic bacteria of allergic dermatitis, promote skin regeneration and effectively qet rid ofwrin^P. thoroughly improve the sub health state of skin. Now it has been widely used in the beauty industry in Korea;High frequency micro current electrolyzes the water, oxygen and nitrogen in air and produces plasma. The metallic odor you smell is the plasma, if s non-toxic and radiation free, there1 s no need to worry;Plasma electrolyzes the water, oxygen and nitrogen in air and produces plasma, so when your skin becomes fry after using, it means the plasma functions effectively. We suggest you to spray the recuperation & beauty mask or essence immediately for better effect.




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