BS-CC1 Cryogenic Athletes Sauna Chamber Cryo Cabin Cryotherapy Machine

Therapeutic exposure of the entire body to extremely low temperature.  Body surface is cooled by vaporized liquid nitrogen that surrounds the body at temperature between -120℃ and-140℃. During this process a systemic anti-inflammatory response is triggered that reduces inflamation, improves circulation, boosts body’s metabolic rate and invigorates the mind.


BS-CC1 Cryogenic Athletes Sauna Chamber Cryo Cabin Cryotherapy Machine

Cryotherapy Chamber is a technique that involves short exposures to ultra-low temperatures (between -70℃ and -170℃).The effects of cryotherapy are based on the body response to cooling the upper layer of the skin.The term “cryotherapy” comes from Greek “kryos” meaning “cold”and “therapy” meaning “treatment”. During a cryotherapy session, the body surface is cooled for a short period of time.
The founder of the cryotherapy method is a Japanese scientist Toshiro Yamauchi,
who in the 80s started using extremely low temperatures to treat rheumatoid diseases. After Yamauchi. Other scientists became interested in the cold treatment. In 1984, Reinhard Fricke began to apply the whole-body cryotherapy in Germany.Later, cryotherapy began to be widely used in Poland and Russia.


The time of a first cryotherapy session should not exceed 60 to 90seconds, the temperature should be between -120℃ and-140℃. The time of every next session is increased by 30 seconds, so that the overall time does not exceed 180 seconds. The number of cryotherapy sessions depends on aspecific issue the customer has and to be identified by a competent specialist.

Before the session the customer is recommended to have a rest for 10-20 minutes to adjust to the room temperature.The medical worker / operator takes client’s blood pressure, instructs theclient, explains what a session is like and what to do during a session.

The customer enters the cabin in underwear.His/her feet should be protected by socks and fur boots (supplied together with a cryosauna) to avoid cold injury. During the session, the operator maintains contact with the customer all the time monitoring his/her condition to ensure timely prevention of asphyxia that may occur with excessive nitrogen in the inhaled air.

The sessions are carried out with a door of the cabin tightly closed.After adjusting the position ofthe customer with the automatic lift platform (his/her head should be above the upper edge of the cabin), cryogenic gas is fed into it.

After the session, the customer slow dresses in dressing room and rests for 10 minutes.


  • Optimal athletic performance
  • Musculoskeletal injuries
  • Postsurgical recovery
  • Autoimmune and inflammatory disorders such as rheumatoid or osteoarthritis
  • Skin disorders such psoriasis and dermatitis
  • Skin aging, elasticity loss and cellulite
  • Disrupted sleep
  • Chronic fatigue


•Temperature in client cabin:
Between-130℃ and -170℃
•Liquid nitrogen consumption:
•Liquid nitrogen consumption for a session: Between 1 and 3 kg.
•Maximum weight lifted by the elevator: Up to 200kg.
•Unit has lp54 protection level
•Power supply:
-Mains voltage: 110V or 220V
-Mains frequency: 50~60Hz
•Low power consumption: 1.5kW
•Unit weight: 550 KGs.

Requirements For Premises

  • The area of the room shall not be less than 8m2.
  • The door frames should be at least 1200 mm wide.
  • The unit should be located on a flat surface with a slope of no more than 0.5% (5 mm to 1 m of length).
  • The distance from the walls to either side of the unit should be at least 500 mm.
  • Should be at least 2,800mm high.
  • Grounded electrical sockets.
  • The room should have a vent in the wall/window with a diameter.
  • Of 120 mm to exhaust nitrogen vapors outdoors. Alternatively, vapors can be exhausted into the ventilation shaft with forced ventilation provided that it does not go through residential premises.
  • Supply and exhaust ventilation (preferably air conditioning).
  • Ambient temperature between + 15 and 24℃.
  • Relative humidity between 30 and 60%.


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