BS-CC1 Cryogenic Athletes Sauna Chamber Cryo Cabin Cryotherapy Machine

The BS-CC1 Cryogenic Athletes Sauna Chamber, a cutting-edge Cryo Cabin Cryotherapy Machine, utilizes ultra-low temperatures to provide cryotherapy treatments. With adjustable sessions, operator monitoring, and various applications in sports training, rehabilitation, skincare, and sleep clinics, it offers enhanced athletic performance, recovery, and overall well-being.

BS-CC1 Cryogenic Athletes Sauna Chamber Cryo Cabin Cryotherapy Machine

The BS-CC1 Cryogenic Athletes Sauna Chamber, also known as a Cryo Cabin Cryotherapy Machine, employs ultra-low temperatures (-70℃ to -170℃) in short exposures to provide cryotherapy treatments. Cryotherapy involves cooling the skin’s upper layer, and during a session, the body surface is briefly cooled. This technique originated from Japanese scientist Toshiro Yamauchi and has gained popularity worldwide, particularly in Germany, Poland, and Russia.

Features of BS-CC1 Cryogenic Athletes Sauna Chamber:

  • Temperature range: -70℃ to -170℃
  • Controlled sessions with adjustable time increments
  • Automatic lift platform for proper positioning
  • Operator monitoring and safety measures
  • Provided socks and fur boots for foot protection
  • Tight-closed cabin door for optimal cooling
  • Cryogenic gas delivery system

Advantages of BS-CC1 Cryogenic Athletes Sauna Chamber:

  • Enhances athletic performance
  • Supports musculoskeletal injury recovery
  • Aids in postsurgical recovery
  • Targets autoimmune and inflammatory disorders
  • Addresses skin conditions like psoriasis and dermatitis
  • Promotes skin rejuvenation and elasticity
  • Alleviates sleep disruptions
  • Combats chronic fatigue

Applications of BS-CC1 Cryogenic Athletes Sauna Chamber:

  1. Sports training facilities and athletic centers
  2. Rehabilitation clinics and physical therapy centers
  3. Medispas and wellness resorts
  4. Dermatology and skincare clinics
  5. Sleep clinics and wellness retreats


•Temperature in client cabin:
Between-130℃ and -170℃
•Liquid nitrogen consumption:
•Liquid nitrogen consumption for a session: Between 1 and 3 kg.
•Maximum weight lifted by the elevator: Up to 200kg.
•Unit has lp54 protection level
•Power supply:
-Mains voltage: 110V or 220V
-Mains frequency: 50~60Hz
•Low power consumption: 1.5kW
•Unit weight: 550 KGs.

Requirements For Premises

  • The area of the room shall not be less than 8m2.
  • The door frames should be at least 1200 mm wide.
  • The unit should be located on a flat surface with a slope of no more than 0.5% (5 mm to 1 m of length).
  • The distance from the walls to either side of the unit should be at least 500 mm.
  • Should be at least 2,800mm high.
  • Grounded electrical sockets.
  • The room should have a vent in the wall/window with a diameter.
  • Of 120 mm to exhaust nitrogen vapors outdoors. Alternatively, vapors can be exhausted into the ventilation shaft with forced ventilation provided that it does not go through residential premises.
  • Supply and exhaust ventilation (preferably air conditioning).
  • Ambient temperature between + 15 and 24℃.
  • Relative humidity between 30 and 60%.


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