BS-CAP6 Infrared Slimming Tunnel with Electrode pack & Patching

The BS-CAP6 Infrared Slimming Tunnel with Electrode pack & Patching is a cutting-edge slimming solution that combines infrared energy and electrostimulation for effective fat reduction and body shaping. With its advanced features and diverse applications in medispas, rehabilitation centers, fitness studios, and luxury hotels, it offers a unique and luxurious slimming experience.

BS-CAP6 Infrared Slimming Tunnel with Electrode pack & Patching

The BS-CAP6 Infrared Slimming Tunnel with Electrode pack & Patching is a revolutionary slimming solution that utilizes infrared energy and heat to trigger fat reduction. The infrared energy penetrates the skin, increasing body temperature and enhancing tissular exchanges for improved cell oxygenation. By accelerating the metabolic rate, this technology releases fat from adipocyte cells. The tunnel can be combined with an electrostimulation system for a remodeling effect, providing a comprehensive slimming solution.

Features of BS-CAP6 Infrared Slimming Tunnel :

  1. High-grade acrylic material for a durable and attractive appearance
  2. Automatic circulation and timing control system for convenient operation
  3. Five sets of electrotherapy patches for targeted stimulation
  4. Equipped with a crystal glass mattress for cleanliness and hygiene
  5. Effective in fat reduction and body shaping with no downtime or side effects

Advantages of BS-CAP6 Infrared Slimming Tunnel :

  1. Improves rheumatism, nerve pain, and muscle relaxation
  2. Reduces visceral fat and promotes detoxification and microcirculation
  3. Enhances immunity and self-healing ability
  4. Whitens the skin and aids in weight loss
  5. Relieves stress and promotes relaxation

Applications of BS-CAP6 Infrared Slimming Tunnel :

  1. Medispa and wellness resorts: The BS-CAP6 Infrared Slimming Tunnel with Electrode pack & Patching is an ideal addition to medispas and wellness resorts, offering clients a unique and effective slimming experience. The advanced features, such as electrotherapy patches and crystal glass mattress, make it a sought-after treatment for those seeking body shaping and relaxation.
  2. Rehabilitation centers and physical therapy clinics: Incorporating the BS-CAP6 into rehabilitation centers and physical therapy clinics can provide patients with targeted slimming and muscle toning benefits. The combination of infrared energy and electrostimulation can aid in the recovery process, helping individuals regain strength and mobility.
  3. Fitness studios and weight loss centers: By offering the BS-CAP6 as part of their services, fitness studios and weight loss centers can provide a comprehensive approach to slimming and body transformation. The hands-free operation and effective fat reduction capabilities make it a popular choice among individuals looking to achieve their fitness goals.
  4. Luxury hotels and resorts: Differentiate your luxury hotel or resort by offering the BS-CAP6 as a unique and luxurious slimming treatment for your guests. With its advanced technology and relaxing music therapy feature, it provides a rejuvenating experience for guests seeking wellness and relaxation during their stay.


  • Power: 1800W
  • Size: 240*123*164CM
  • Package size: Three package
    1)Infrared bed: 238*98*90CM
    2)Front capsule:130*67*126CM
    3)Back capsule:130*54*179CM,
  • Total volume: 4.9cube, Gross weight:250kg
  • Brand: OEM and ODM are available
  • Voltage: 220/110V


  • Fat reducing, lipolytic, slimming effect, due increased metabolic rate. Deep penetration of the heat which is induced by infrared rays to a great extent as measured against other methods.
  • Cellulite reducing effect, thanks to the improved surface of the micro-circulation. Oxygen stimulus and increased lymphatic drainage to increased faster metabolism.
  • Better absorption of cosmetics products due to an increased micro-circulation and to the reduction of the skin electrical barrier.
  • Better oxygenation, an improved drainage and detoxification, due to the stimulation of an increase reproduction of cells
  • Relaxing and antidepressant effect thanks to the boosted production of neaurohumours
  • Analgesic and pain-relieving effect, due to a better dranage, imporved oxygenation and muscle relaxation.
  • Muscle relaxation and soothing effect by boosted electro-stimulation effect.


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