BS-CAP6 Infrared Slimming Tunnel with Electrode pack & Patching

The infrared tunnel is the most modern and intelligent way to fight localised and more widespread fat deposits.
Being exposed to infrared light, by stimulating the red muscle fibres and causes the organism to burn fats.

• Triggered slimming with the elimination of toxins
• Effective from the first session
• Can be associated with an electrostimulation device
• Hands free


BS-CAP6 Infrared Slimming Tunnel with Electrode pack & Patching

The tunnel triggers slimming using infrared energy and heat. Infrared energy has a muscle-relaxant effect, which increases body temperature. Tissular exchanges, such as cell oxygenation, are thus improved. By accelerating the basic metabolic rate (bmr), infrared energy release the fat from the adipocyte cells.
Infrared radiation activates microcirculation and increases vascularization, oxygen provision and cellular metabolism. It also helps with venous and lymphatic drainage. Infrared energy also has a firming and toning effect on muscles and tissues. The tunnel can be combined with an electrostimulation system to obtain a remodeling effect.

• Improve rheumatism, cervical and lumbar spine nerve pain
• Reduce visceral fat
• Relax the muscles and activate the nerves
• Eliminate toxins from the body and improve microcirculation
• Improve immunity and self-healing ability
• Whitening and lipolysis for weight loss
• Relieves stress and relaxes the nerves


• Far infrared ray and near infrared ray combine to penetrate into skin tissue by 30%,which can dissolve obdurate fat lump in a more powerful manner, prevent re-accumulation of fat and ease pain.
• The latest four-color(red, yellow, green and blue) lights are added to give full play of optical physical effect and improve metabolism, stretching and reforming skin tissue, recovering the densification and elasticity of skin. Such features are more advanced and superior to that of like products.
• 360-degree, three-dimensional, all-round radiation system, through the light wave heat energy triggered by the synchronization of light and electricity, powerfully decompose fat.
• Ability to achieve rapid dissolution of fat 15 minutes of radiation and pulse synchronous physical therapy, equivalent to 600-800 calories consumption, equivalent to 3 hours of running/exercise or 6 hours of sauna.
• Electrode pack: Combining traditional Chinese medical researches in the field of main and collateral channels and western medicine, this function, aimed at the stomach can stimulate the peristalsis of stomach and intestines, adjust qi and blood, dredge the main and collateral channels, and meanwhile make the muscles move passively.
• Patching: Using different acupuncture points in different treatments to achieve different therapeutic effects, the function is preset with 10 computer programs.
• Music therapy: DVD/MP3 playing system to relax and invigorate the mind and body.

Features of BS-CAP6 Infrared Slimming Tunnel with Electrode pack & Patching:

  • High-grade acrylic material blister molding, the appearance is always bright as new, no discoloration, no yellowing, no small cracks.
  • Automatic circulation and timing control system.
  • Five sets of electrotherapy patches.
  • Equipped with crystal glass mattress. Clean and sanitary.
  • Effective in fat reduction and body shaping, no down time, and no side-effect.


  • Power: 1800W
  • Size: 240*123*164CM
  • Package size: Three package
    1)Infrared bed: 238*98*90CM
    2)Front capsule:130*67*126CM
    3)Back capsule:130*54*179CM,
  • Total volume: 4.9cube, Gross weight:250kg
  • Brand: OEM and ODM are available
  • Voltage: 220/110V


  • Fat reducing, lipolytic, slimming effect, due increased metabolic rate. Deep penetration of the heat which is induced by infrared rays to a great extent as measured against other methods.
  • Cellulite reducing effect, thanks to the improved surface of the micro-circulation. Oxygen stimulus and increased lymphatic drainage to increased faster metabolism.
  • Better absorption of cosmetics products due to an increased micro-circulation and to the reduction of the skin electrical barrier.
  • Better oxygenation, an improved drainage and detoxification, due to the stimulation of an increase reproduction of cells
  • Relaxing and antidepressant effect thanks to the boosted production of neaurohumours
  • Analgesic and pain-relieving effect, due to a better dranage, imporved oxygenation and muscle relaxation.
  • Muscle relaxation and soothing effect by boosted electro-stimulation effect.


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