BS-CAP4 Whole Body PBM Red Light Therapy Collagen Machine Photobiomodulation

Experience the transformative power of the BS-CAP4 Whole Body PBM Red Light Therapy Collagen Machine. This innovative therapy uses red and near-infrared light to rejuvenate the skin, relieve pain, enhance athletic performance, and promote overall wellness. With its ergonomic design, built-in music function, and plasma cooling fans, this therapy provides a relaxing and effective treatment. Ideal for aesthetic clinics, sports facilities, and wellness centers.

BS-CAP4 Whole Body PBM Red Light Therapy Collagen Machine Photobiomodulation

The BS-CAP4 Whole Body PBM Red Light Therapy Collagen Machine utilizes photobiomodulation (PBM) technology to harness the power of red and near-infrared light for skin rejuvenation, pain relief, muscle relaxation, and improved blood circulation. By converting light energy into biological energy, this therapy activates mitochondria in the subcutaneous tissue cells, promoting collagen synthesis and tissue repair. The broad-spectrum light also enhances skin tone, whitens the complexion, and provides a radiant and transparent appearance.

Features of BS-CAP4 Whole Body PBM Red Light Therapy Collagen Machine:

  1. Ergonomic Horizontal Space Capsule design with built-in musical function
  2. Upper and lower enclosed light sources for comprehensive treatment
  3. Three-button control system for easy operation
  4. Equipped with surround sound system and Bluetooth support for a relaxing experience
  5. 4 plasma cooling fans for efficient heat dissipation

Advantages of BS-CAP4 Whole Body PBM Red Light Therapy Collagen Machine:

  1. Aesthetic benefits: Improves skin tone, reduces fine lines and wrinkles, and aids in wound healing
  2. Cognitive benefits: Assists with brain injuries, cognitive decline, PTSD, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s disease
  3. Performance benefits: Enhances athletic performance, strength, endurance, and speed
  4. Wellness benefits: Reduces pain, inflammation, allergies, improves sleep, and boosts energy

Application of BS-CAP4 Whole Body PBM Red Light Therapy Collagen Machine:

  1. Aesthetic clinics and beauty salons
  2. Sports training facilities and rehabilitation centers
  3. Wellness centers and spas


  • Light: 88 PCS LED Strips (11616 LEDs): UP 44PCS + Down 44PCS
  • Total Power: 1161W
  • Session Time: 25 mins
  • Colors Available: White / Black / Blue
  • Voltage: 110-220V
  • Cooling Device: 4 Plasma cooling fans
  • Structure: Horizontal Space Capsule
  • Control System: Three Buttons Control
  • Net Weight: 110 kgs
  • Size: 2300*1230*1260 mm


Relieve cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases

Photodynamic physiotherapy has a warming effect on the skin and mucous membranes,
dilates the blood vessels of deeper tissues, improves blood circulation, purifies blood.
It can prevent or relieve cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, such as
myocardial infarction, cerebral infarction, coronary heart disease, hypertension,
hyperlipidemia, and hyperglycemia.

Relieve Pain

Photodynamic physiotherapy can increase the catalase activity of cellular mitochondria,
promote protein solidification of diseased tissues and the formation of new squamous
epithelial cells, accelerate the absorption of exudate, weaken muscle tone, and
effectively improve various nerves, tissues, and joints Pain, dysmenorrhea, gout, sports
injuries, etc.

Treat Inflammation

Photodynamic physiotherapy can promote partial blood circulation, increase the
phagocytosis of cells and macrophages, control infection, promote inflammation
dissipation, for chronic inflammation, such as neurodermatitis, eczema, chronic
lymphadenitis, etc., and osteoarthritis caused by various reasons, such as senile
osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, etc., has a good curative effect.

Promote wound healing

Photodynamic physiotherapy can improve blood circulation, promote wound
regeneration and repair, so as to achieve the effects of pain relief, swelling,
granulation tissue growth, and shorten wound healing time. As well as reducing
postoperative adhesion, promoting scar softening, and reducing scar contracture. It
has a good effect on skin ulcers, wounds infected by trauma, chronic wounds, etc.

Enhance liver function

Photodynamic physiotherapy can cause deep heat effects in the body, activate cells,
improve tissue regeneration, promote cell growth, strengthen liver function, improve
liver detoxification, and keep the liver in good condition.

Improve Immunity

Photodynamic therapy can increase mitochondrial catalase activity, promote
glycogen content, protein synthesis and adenosine triphosphate decomposition.
Enhance cell vitality, enhance the body’s self-repair and cell regeneration ability, but
also increase the phagocytosis of white blood cells, improve immunity and disease

Eliminate Acne

According to clinical data, the combination of photodynamic therapy and
photosensitizers can treat acne by 95%. It accelerates the elimination of diseased or
dead cells by promoting blood circulation and metabolism, and allows macrophages
to release cytokines, stimulates fibroblasts to produce growth factors, accelerates the
skin repair process, and effectively eliminates acne.

Sleep Improvement

Photodynamic therapy can adjust the autonomic nerve to maintain a good state,
effectively improve or eliminate headaches, dizziness, cold limbs, etc., improve sleep,
and improve sleep quality.

Improve postpartum symptoms

Photodynamic physiotherapy can effectively improve hypogalactia, postpartum
symptoms such as nipple cracking and vulvitis, promote postpartum wound healing.

Anti-wrinkle, skin rejuvenation

Photodynamic therapy converts light energy into biological energy, activates cellular
enzyme activity in the body, especially proteases. Promotes the fibroblasts of the
human dermis to provide a large amount of elastin and collagen, thereby diluting and
eliminating the wrinkles near eyes and neck, and stretch marks, make the skin full,
firm and smooth, regaining youth and health.

Whitening & Spot Solution

Photodynamic therapy strengthens the skin through a broadband spectrum, promotes
the formation of fibroblasts, and phagocytoses the pigment cells, thereby gradually
whitening the complexion, and make the dull skin becomes transparent and radiant.

Lock in Moisture

Photodynamic physiotherapy can improve the absorption capacity of the skin and
effectively lock in the moisture. After 15 minutes of irradiation, the absorption
capacity of the essence can be increased by 3 times, which can effectively improve
the dry skin of the neck, chest, buttocks and private parts.


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