BS-CAP3 Red Infrared Therapy Spaceship Dry Sauna Slimming Spa Capsule

This far infrared capsule for spa is for body slimming and lymphatic draining. The infrared therapy can help body drain out water, as well as waste of human body, to get the purpose of body slimming and healthy by removing poisonous or harmful substances from your body.


BS-CAP3 Red Infrared Therapy Spaceship Dry Sauna Slimming Spa Capsule

The red infrared therapy spaceship absorbs the intelligence of the science of medicine including color light therapy, heat therapy and aromatherapy, and the science and technology of physics and electronics. It also combines the essence of Chinese traditional medicine and western science and technology to concentrate the boundless universe on an environment spaceship which can be freely controlled to let one’s soul seek his dream and imagination to his heart’s desire. In this independent spaceship, the essence, breathing and spirit of a human body are combined. The red infrared will resonate to massage the fatty cells in the way of radiation resonance and produce minor heat to burn the fat, improve blood circulation, activate muscles and bones and increase the overall metabolism in the body. In terms of beautifying the skin, it can deep-cleanse the skin and clean the pores to strengthen the deep penetration and absorption of oceanic products so as to achieve the effects of whitening, keeping the moisture, increasing elasticity of the skin and preventing from the wrinkles. In terms of beautifying the body, it can open the pores in the skin to heat the body to improve the metabolism.

Major functions:
1. Heat therapy: the infrared light wave will act upon endermic fat to increase the combination of fat and oxygen (i.e. burn the fat) and discharge the liquidized fat outside the body with sweat. 20-30 minutes of use can consume 600 calories of energy, which is equal to the consumption of running for 100,000 meters. The temperature inside the spaceship can be as high as 90 degrees, which can improve lymph circulation to discharge the toxic and surplus water inside the body to slim the body. It has been proved by the science of medicine that it has some assistant functions to arthritis and rheumatism.
2. Color light therapy: based on the skin of human body, color light wave is specially designed. It has been proved by science that its unique gentle color light can improve the growth of skin cells, adjust the metabolism of the skin and delay the aging of the skin. It has some assistant functions to various kinds of skin diseases so as to achieve the effect of beautifying the body.
3. Facial breeze: it adopts negative ion breeze to adjust the metabolism of facial skin, aid the absorption of skin-beautifying products, increase the elasticity of skin and delay aging. When it is shifted to the natural breeze, you will feel like being in nature, which can improve the blood supply to the brain and help you to relax.
4. Aromatherapy: different kinds of essence oil can be added to volatilize based on the heat wave produced by the infrared. The effective elements will be absorbed by the skin and spread all over the body to make your body aromatic, beautify the body, relieve tiredness and treat diseases.
5. Bacteria-killing system: it adopts the ozone produced by high pressure to disinfect the spaceship to ensure a germfree environment inside the spaceship.
6. Musical therapy: it is equipped with CD appliance to play beautiful music, which can relax human mind and beautify and slim the body in a relaxed state to achieve an ideal effect.

• Far infrared therapy
• Optional music playback function
• Hand-on gentle breeze cooling
• Sterilizing with ozone
• Automatic alarming


  • Operation voltage: AC220V-AC250V
  • Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz
  • Maximum power consumption: 2550W
  • Maximum operation current: 11A
  • Weight: 110Kg
  • Packaging weight: 135Kg
  • Size: 228*86*95
  • Packaging size: 2320*930*105



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