BS-CAP2 Ozone Infrared Steam Sauna Spa Capsule Steam Detox Sauna

Suggested courses:

  • Overall whitening ,cream massage,ease heating therapy,weight-losing,and fat-melting .


BS-CAP2 Ozone Infrared Steam Sauna Spa Capsule- Steam Detox Sauna

1, The elimination of itching and skin inflammation.If bath for 30 minutes a day, will enable the whole body skin delicate, smooth.
2, Can dry clothes, kill bacteria.
3, Improve cold hands and feet caused by the deficiency of the kidney, warm the kidney, make up congenital strength.

This is a brand new design combined with health care,recuperation and body shaping.Fumigation with high temperature has curative effects on the spine,joints,stimulate the blood circulation and cause the muscles and joints to relax as well as relieve pain.With natural skin care stuff such as essence oil,milk,honey etc.It improves the dark,rough skin effectively.Both your skin and your health will benefit a lot from this equipment.

Product Advantage:
1.The mainframe case is made from Acrylic unibody,never fading & deform.
2.Medical steam fumigation pot can boil herbal medicine
3.Touching computer board to control constant temperature,the temperature can be adjustable
4.MP3 player system,listen to nice music while treatment
5.The machine is big size,inside space is large enough for big guy,the knees will not touch the  mainframe case
6.There is armrest inside,the seat height is adjustable.It is very comfortable to sit there.
7.Humanization design,your hands can put out for reading,drinking scented tea.Enjoy SPA easily.


  • Material: Acrylic + Fiberglass reinforced plastic
  • Color: White
  • Product Size: 140 X 73 X 120 cm (Capsule Closed)
  • Package Size: 148 X 78 X 125 cm
  • Total Volume: 1.5 Cube
  • Voltage: 220V / 110V
  • Maximum Power: 2500W
  • Rate Electric Current: 13.6A
  • Heating Mode: Ceramic Heating Tube
  • Heating Material: Far Infrared Sauna
  • Temperature Adjustment: 0-90ºC
  • Ozone Unit: 25mg/hr



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