BS-BC800 Breast Enhancer Breast Beauty Machine with Vacuum Massage

The plastic & Glass cupping sets m light weight, and easy to use with the hand gripped vacuum pump. Cupping Therapy contains the most sizes of all the cupping sets and has the largest cup size.
It incorporates suction cupping techniques and includes biomagnetic needles. The transparent cups let you adjust the pressure to the patients own comfort level and allows you to see the reddening progress of the treatment.
Cupping, the technique, is very useful and very safe and can be easily learned and incorporated into your family health practices.
The products may be used in clinical treatment and household self-health care.


BS-BC800 Breast Enhancer Breast Beauty Machine with Vacuum Massage

Breast Beauty Theory

Basis Physiological principle, the Breast fullness or flat decisions by the majority of fat cells in Breast structure. will breast fullness, Must try to make fat cells growth increases in the breast,but increase and growth of breast cells, must enhance our fat cells absorb fatty acids capacity.
The BS-800 integrates vacuum, red light phototherapy, microcurrent therapy and vibrating functions for breast augmentation treatment.


  • Vibration massage: Accelerate the circulation of blood and lymph,
    give exercise to muscle, relax muscle, easy tire.
  • Photon: Make skin tender and smooth, promote the essence absorbed
    by body
  • Breast care: Enlarge breast, lift breast, modify nipple, modify chest,
    recover breast elasticity
  • Face care: Thin face, suck blackhead, reduce dark eye-socket, remove
    eye pouch, modify double chin, lift saggy canthus.
  • Back care: Vacuum metabolism, skin-scratch treatment, acupressure
    therapy, lymph de-toxin, frap skin, strengthen skin flexibility
    Obesity cure: lose weight, draw in abdomen, thin waist


Item Value
Theory Vacuum massage
Mode Breast Augmentation / Cell activation / Pulsed / BIO movement / Massage mode
Cup 6 for breast care / 8 for facial care / 2 for body care
Power < 150W
Power Spec AC220V/50Hz



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