BS-900K High Frequency Electro-Surgery Equipment Monopolar and Bipolar Electrosurgical Unit

Powered ENT instruments for numerous ENT surgeries. Microdebrider, surgical drills, and a multispecialty system for ENT, spinal and cranial surgeries.


BS-900K High Frequency Electro-Surgery Equipment Monopolar and Bipolar Electrosurgical Unit

BS-900K is a high frequency electrosurgical equipment which is suitable to light and medium surgery.

BS-900K, through its performance, allows pure CUT, cut-coagulation BLEND, superficial coagulation FORCED COAG, deep coagulation in absence of necrosis SOFT COAG and, with a special adapter, BIPOLAR coagulation. The digital reading of delivered power and the monitoring of operative function by microcontroller guarantees the absolute reliability of working conditions.

BS-900K allows a highly professional surgery thanks to the user-friendly and safety solutions normally used. The connection of neutral electrode is constantly monitored. Safety control of patient/plate contact using split neutral electrode. The possibility to control by the handle the output functions as well as the delivery of output power, allows to implement the surgical operation without turning away the surgeon attention from the surgical field.


  • Touch-button control, digital display
  • Control method: pedal switch, handle control
  • Alarm protection in case of the neutral-electrode problem
  • Automatic power cut-off and alarm in case of conductive-
  • electrode problem
  • Workable in water and high-energy cutting


Working modes: pure cut, blend 1, blend 2,blend 3, desiccate, fulgurate, spray and bipolar.

Range of Use May use to various surgical operations of cutting
or/and coagulation to organism tissue.
Working Modes Pure cut or cut 5~300W
Blend1 5~240W
Blend2 5~200W
Blend3 5~150W
Desiccate 5~200W
Fulgurate or coag. 5~150W
Spray 5~100W
Bipolar 2~70W
Voltage of Mains ~220V±22V, 50Hz±1Hz
Working frequency 512KHz±5KHz
Working fashion Loading intermittently, functioning continuously
Variety of equipment 1Class IPXO type, with anti-defibrillation
Discharge of CF-based Application Past
Leakage currents to Less than 0.5mA
Leakage currents Less than 0.01mA
Accessaries Active electrode
Neural electrode
Bipolar electrode
Disposable electrode(optional)



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