Instrument Repair Service

After-Sales Service

LUMSAIL provides after-sales service to all our customers:
1. All products are under warranty policy for our after-sales service; 2. Training service; 3. Rebranding service

How Long Of The Warranty Period?

Commonly we provide 1 year (12 months) warranty. For some products we provide extended warranty service. Please contact with our sales people to get more detailed information.

How To Proceed With Warranty Service?

Please take the problematic product, together with full package, warranty card, and possibly other necessary document to our assigned address, and our distributor will provide service. If there is no local distributor please contact with our sales people, we will resolve the problem as soon as possible.

How Shall We Do If The Product Gets Problem After Warranty Period?

Products from us shall have at least 5 years sustaining period, that means within 5 years, the components will be available. Though beyond the warranty, we will still provide after-sales service, just charging very limited manufacturing cost for the component to replace.

Do You Provide Service For ‘Old’ Client Who Want To Refresh The Product After Using For Several Years?

Yes, we have the plan to exchange old product to new. Please contact local distributor to know more about the local favorites for this plan.

Is It Fast To Fix The Problematic Product?

For areas with distributor service, commonly you can get it fixed in 1-3 working days. If the spare part is not available in local service center, it may take another 2-4 working days.

Does Whole Machine Under Warranty, Including Everything?

All items except consumptions are under full warranty. For details please contact with sales people to confirm. As direct manufacturer, we shall provide as much service as possible to our sincere customers.

We Need Training To Know More About The Usages Of The Product.

Training material is commonly accompany with the product, in the format of books, video, and our after-sales team also provide remote training service. Please contact with sales people to know more. Besides we provide broadcasting style training on internet from time to time, and it’s free to attend.

Can I Get Help Based On The Using Experience From Other Customers?

We shall not disclose customers information to other customers without permission, but we encourage customers to donate their experience, without writing the names, to share to other people all over the world, and we will encourage this action by providing some conpons.

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