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Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find many FAQ (frequently asked questions) gathered by LUMSAIL, listed here to share the thoughts and ideas, as well as common concerns raised by our sincere customers. If the list do not cover your question, please don’t hesitate to drop an email to us, or ring us during working time.

Where Does LUMSAIL Locate?

LUMSAIL locates at Shanghai city, China. We welcome your visit to our company, please call us at 0086 21 62528275 to arrange a meeting.

How To Subscribe LUMSAIL News?

Please drop us an email by entering the contact page, and our sales people will log your information, and deliver our latest product information and company news to you.

How Can I Buy Product From LUMSAIL?

Please contact us by phone, email or WhatsAPP, Skype, and our sales team is ready to serve you. In some countries or regions, we have already set up distributor service, and it’s convenient to contact with our distributor to order LUMSAIL’s product. For other areas, you can order product from us directly.

How Do I Get After-Sales Service?

After sales service will be delivered by our distributors in different countries or areas, or by LUMSAIL company directly when distributor service is not available.

How Can I Become Distributor Of LUMSAIL?

Please contact with our sales team by writing us email or drop a message through website. We shall contact with you directly.

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