Dr. Kent tried FIRST WIRELESS shockwave machine in Australia

Dr. Kent tried first wireless shockwave machine in Australia, visiting homes far-away from city. Benefited by the cordless design, he can treat clients without power cord.

Miniwave Max is the first shockwave therapy device that does not rely on a stationary power source and still delivers a continuous stream of powerful energy.

This highly convenient physiotherapy device can help doctors treat patients anytime, anywhere. And it is not restricted by electricity.

The difficulty in the development of this product is to keep the energy from being weakened. And Minwave Max perfectly overcomes this difficulty.

The highest energy output is 190mJ.

It is light, easy to use and has a stable and powerful energy output. If you want, we can also equip you with tablet with built-in solutions for 90 different conditions.
You only need to choose the corresponding disease, you can solve his difficulties for your patient.
For more information about Miniwave Max, watch the video below, or contact us at info@lumsail.com.

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