APP Download for your Miniwave Pro 
(Version 2.0.4 for Android) (Version 2.0.6 for Android) (Version 3.0 for Android)

(You can update Miniwave APP to the latest version (V 3.0) in App Store, Click & Download All Protocols)

Other options: Click and download individual preset protocols for Physiotherapy, Aesthetics, Men’s Health or Rehabilitation.

miniWave is an application for use with the MiniWave® device. The application controls the MiniWave® device by Bluetooth and performs user management.

  1. The miniWave APP is developed under license by miniWave Inc. and enables efficient control of MiniWave® devices.
  2. The miniWave APP’s management functions allow for: client management, preset protocol types management, and storage of device information.
  3. The miniWave APP is only responsible for the setting of parameters, not for the medical guidance of the task. And MiniWave® is a massage type device, if any questions please check the MiniWave® instruction manual or contact your doctor.

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