Fat Transfer Set (28 in 1 / N in 1) with Sterilization Box for Surgical Liposuction

Smaller deficiencies respond to serial fat grafting. Large soft tissue deficiencies may require micro vascular free tissue transfer.

Fat grafting by injection has been increasingly used for the treatment of congenital and acquired facial deformities in which there is failure of development or loss of facial soft tissue.

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Fat Transfer Set (28 in 1 / 17 in 1) with Sterilization Box for Surgical Liposuction

Introducing the Fat Transfer Set (28 in 1 / 17 in 1) with Sterilization Box for Surgical Liposuction from LUMSAIL MEDICAL.

Fat transplant includes serveral steps: collecting the fat in a way that will keep most fat cells alive, processing the fat in a way that gets rid of unnecessary elements, such as dead cells or excess fluids, then injecting the cells in a way that will optimize fat graft survival. Protecting the cells after they have been injected.

  • PAL Surgical liposuction
  • Syringe liposuction
  • Centrifugation system
  • Injection in very small droplets
  • Protecting the cells

Instrument For Fat Transplant

Single Use Fat Transfer Kit includes everything you need for a small volume fat transfer. Fat transfer instruments are narrow gauge and hard to clean. Sterile, single use kits are essential for fat transplant surgery.

Fat used for fat grafting is harvested from the abdomen, thighs, hips or buttocks using specially-designed instruments and a specialized technique. Centrifugation eliminates components of the harvested material (which is not viable fat), and meticulously injected into the facial areas to be enhanced.

Customized liposuction cannula is avalible.

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28 in 1 Face liposuction facial fat transfer kit
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Face Liposuction Kit Details:

No 1~13: Micro Cannula

1. 1.5*120mm Cannula

2. 2.0*200mm Cannula

3. 2.5*200mm Cannula

4. 3.0*275mm Cannula

5. 3.0*300mm Cannula

6. 2.5*300mm Cannula

7. 2.0*250mm Cannula

8. 1.5*150mm Cannula

9. 1.5*120mm Cannula

10. 1.8*150mm Cannula

11. 1.0*120mm Cannula

12. 1.2*80mm Cannula

13. 1.2*80mm Cannula

No 14~19: Metal syringe cap/stopper—6 pieces

No 20~22: Fat connector

No 23: Fat stir Stick

No 24: Skin breaker

No 25: 50ml syringe liposuction

No 26: Handle

No 27: Pipe

No 28: Autoclavation carrying case

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