Centrifuge BS-CH500L with Stainless steel brackets

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Centrifuge BS-CH500L

Features for Centrifuge BS-CH500L:

  1. Maintenance-free high-torque DC brushless motor with fast lifting speed, high precision and ultra-low noise.
  2. Touch panel and LCD display, easy to read all parameters.
  3. Even bigger operation space chamber compare to similar products on market.
  4. RCF value can be calculated automatically.
  5. Special damping structure to reduce vibration of the unit when working.
  6. Electrical door interlock to control the door operation for safety guarantee; Door cannot be opened during working procedure.
  7. Rich stainless steel brackets for choose.

Specification for Centrifuge BS-CH500L:

Max Speed5000RPM
Max RCF4030*g
Max Capacity16x15ml or 4x50ml (flexible for choose)
Timer1 – 99 Minutes
MotorSealed Off DC Motor
Net Weight19Kg
Power Consumption250W
PowerAC220V 50Hz (or AC110V 60Hz)
Dimension460 x 660 x 350mm
Gross Weight35Kg

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