1, How Miniwave works?

It can work along, or with APP on iPhone/Android phone.When work along, it is simple, just plug and play, with one finger to swipe off the screen of main unit, and start/stop operation on handpiece. Essential parameters can be adjusted on handpiece.When work with APP, more features including operator management/patient management, pre-set protocol management, hardware status observation, etc.

2, How many handpieces can connect to MiniWave?

Two handpieces can connected to the machine at a time. They can work under different parameters, as well as transmitters.

3, How to operate the machine, a foot pedal is needed?

MiniWave reserves foot pedal function as 2nd optional method to control the machine. Operator can also work without foot pedal, instead using the buttons on handpiece is enough.

4, Why dual channels are useful?

After one handpiece works continuously after 3000-6000 shots, it will get warm, and performance will decline, it is necessary to switch to another handpiece through 2nd channel, so that the operation will continue while 1st handpiece can rest and cool down automatically.Another benefit is using different transmitters in operation to get better performance. It’s easy to switch between the two channels.

5, Why transmitters are made in fully alloy/metal material?

It will ensure energy can maximally transferred to patient’s body rather than loss on transmitters (less than 5% loss on metal made transmitters, compare to plastic one which may loss over 30% or more). What’s more metal transmitters are much more durable.

6, What is the function of ‘weather mode’ settings in APP?

Handpiece cooling mechanism will work dynamically according to the environment temperature, balanced between performance and noise. It can obviously decrease noise during treatment. It’s a patented technology and useful for many home users.

7, What is the DC power mode?

It’s function for MiniWave MAX version. The machine can work with normal AC power cable used at indoor scenarios, and can also be powered by a Li-battery at outdoor scenarios. By using a 10000mAH Li-battery, Minwave can support 30-60 minutes treatments. All things can be put in a back-pack, high mobility and convenient for many home doctors.

8, How many pre-set protocols provided by MiniWave?

If using without APP, there are 5 pre-set protocols. If using with APP, there are over 90 pre-set protocols, grouped to different treatment purposes, each one come with pre-set parameters and treatment guide (wizard style). Besides that, operators can define their own private protocols, even export to other MiniWave machines. This feature is useful for chained clinics.

9, Can I revise the APP photos so as to show my clinics name and brand information?

Yes, all photos including banner image, pre-set protocol images can be freely revised. Even the brand information showing in start-up process can be also revised to yours. Everything can be done in the APP.

10, What is the function of operator management?

In one clinic, there are may be a boss, and several doctors who share the MiniWave machine, and every operator can own their account to manage their own patients and protocols. Boss can manage everything, as all patients’ information, but each doctor can only see their own patients’ information.

11, What is the function of patient’s information management?

Following patient related information will be tracked: including patient’s personal information, treatment history, preferred protocols, etc. Treatment report can be exported and printed out (pdf format).

12, If a chained clinics order multiple MiniWave machines, how to deploy customized the banner, brand information and pre-set protocols information easily to all machines?

MiniWave APP support backup and restore function, it’s easy to deploy a pattern to multiple smart phones, and let them look like same. In the same way, all treatment history (including patients information) can also be exported and store as a backup.

13, How to upgrade software or firmware in future if new features of MiniWave is ready?

MiniWave machines can be upgraded by a special MicroSD card through the SD card slot on back panel. All upgrade processes are done automatically. Contact with us for the SD card.

14, What is the function of the silicon cap wearing on the top of transmitters?

That is a high-technology which ensures the thickness of the silicon surface no more than 0.1mm. It’s essential since energy of shockwave is easy declined through non-liquid material, the thinner, the better. And due to the shape of the silicon cap, gel is not easy entering into the handpiece, which simplified the maintenance job and extend handpiece’s lifecycle.

15, Is it safe to use the machine?

Design work of the MiniWave machine is based on safety concept, as well as all components inside. High-lighted features as high performance medical level power module, EMI filter, Swiss made sockets for handpiece and foot pedal, etc. Dosages of the shockwave is well calculated by software algorithm and a dynamic limitation is done so that no risky high energy pulses will be emitted to human tissue, to cause unexpected result.

16, Is it easy to carry the machine or move around?

A small machine is powerful enough?MiniWave is designed to be compact but with high performance output. By using the latest chipsets in medical region, it can output same high energy as full size vertical machines. Total weight of the system is less than 3Kg, and packed in elegant handcase/carton box.

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